I love wood. I love the beauty of trees and wooden objects. My grandfather was a master smith and I loved watching him work. I thought it was nothing odd that he used to caress the pieces of iron before he started working with them. It was natural somehow. He told me to caress the material to get a feel of what it wants to be. To hear it whisper. My work is special because I don’t force my decisions upon my creations but listen to them and coax them to reveal their secrets. I couldn’t work any other way. I believe that my pieces of furniture are unique and individual because I never make two of the same.  I combine wood with costume jewellery, leather, paint, faux leather and fur, even gems if required. There is an element of quirkiness in every piece.


The statement of my work is the beauty of imperfection, the acceptance of uniqueness as my pieces represent it. The world itself is complete in its special, imperfect way, and my creations mirror this sense of individuality. They show the world in a different light, they offer inspiration to leave your comfort zone and follow a different path, a different pattern. A bit of magic every day. If you take one of my creations home and put it in your living room, you will look at it, lounge in it, use it and remember to look at the world a bit differently and explore miracles. It’s all about the importance of change, while preserving old shapes, as trees change and develop, nurtured by their roots. As a chameleon changes while preserving its form. 


First of all I want to teach the basics of furniture painting, from priming and sanding to DIY repairs. When this is done, you can use your imagination to transform your own furniture into something magical, even at home. I’d like participants to experience the joy of creativity without worrying about the actual end result. To immerse themselves in the harmony of colours and the process of perhaps painting a chair leg, while hours may pass without realising how time flies. If you heard about the concept of flow experiences, this is your chance to try how it feels.